I love using ISIC card and it gives a great experience. Using the card benefits me with huge discounts globally. It also gives a wonderful feeling of being an International student and we get recognized easily by others. Also, it provides great offers in India also. I am grateful that I am the part of ISIC family. I also recommend everyone going to abroad for studies to get an ISIC card.

I am a final year mechanical engineering student. Using ISIC was an amazing experience, it had come very handily in shopping for groceries, during healthcare, etc. I even received a good discount while buying a Smartphone. It has amazing discounts, cash back, flat off on varieties of products sometimes some products are free. I had purchased a licensed copy of JetBrains for free using the ISIC.

Thank You ISIC for giving me this opportunity. It has been a fantastic experience with the ISIC card, I received many discounts, offers and opportunities. It came to my rescue whenever I travelled. Had fun and discounts all the way I travelled around Europe.

Thanks to ISIC I was able to avail all the necessary softwares required for my architecture course for free. This has immensely helped me in furthering my designs for college as well as my own projects. And the process could not be any simpler. So, a huge thank you from my side to ISIC.

My experience with the ISIC card has been really good so far.
My purpose of getting this card was applying for Cinema 4D student versions and the card helped me get quick approval!

It's really nice that ISIC card was very useful. I used it in Microsoft Online Courses to get in and it also gives good discounts in different areas. I bought JetBrains product license by using this card and I also bought a storage device from Samsung Online Store using this. It is really good to buy this card.

Being a student, it is vital to manage living and study costs. ISIC card is a student companion designed to offer great discounts and tailored to enhance the savings. The wide product range and geographical coverage make it unique and outstanding. I recommend every student should possess one while studies.

Most of the people I know have never heard about what an ISIC card is. I learn software development and ethical hacking, there are some awesome but very expensive softwares which one can buy to help learning about programming. These softwares are often given for free to ISIC card holders. However, that’s not the only kind of discount that is offered. It’s worth getting this card I wish more people knew about it.

Using ISIC was a good experience. Especially when it comes to getting discounts at various merchant outlets.  It also gives a feel of being a international student along with carrying an id card that makes you being recognized internationally. In Germany, there are lot of offers on ISIC cards whereas the discounts in India need to come at par with the global discounts. I hope the ISIC discounts in India grow exponentially over the upcoming years.

I believe that the world is an oyster in terms of opportunities; and just when I decided to inch forward towards the pearl, The Global Study Awards brought me many steps closer to the process of reaching my dreams. In the future, I hope to give the world the gift that this award has given me: smiles.

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