ISIC – More Power to You

  • Your 3-in-1 card will serve as a Student Identity + INR Prepaid + ISIC Benefits card
  • Your card issued in India is valid in India & 125+ other countries
  • Your privileged access to 1,50,000+ benefits/discounts/offers specially curated only for students
  • Enjoy all card features & benefits for 12 Months
  • Pay just INR 1,180/-* for this multifunctional tool

Never pay the full price again!!! 

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Bespoke Features, Benefits Only for Students

  • Your all-purpose card will prove that you are a student and get you discounts/benefits in India and other 125+ countries
  • A must have multifunctional tool
  • You even have a Virtual Card on your phone. Download the Val U Application and generate your Virtual Card on the phone
  • Real power in your pocket
  • Your card has got you covered with discounts/offers in F&B, Shopping, Entertainment, Education, Travel, Accommodation & much more
  • ISIC is endorsed by UNESCO since 1968. We have 150+ other endorsements from reputed domestic and global organizations

We truly are an International Community


ISIC Student Community

  • You will be surprised that ISIC has catered to 100 million+ students since 1953
  • Just so you know, ISIC is used as the Official Identity Card by millions of students each year
  • Even if you plan to travel abroad, ISIC is a must have accessory to save hundreds of Euros & Dollars

Imagine being part of a global student community which is 7 decades old.


How to Get an ISIC

  • Prove to us that you are a student by submitting any of the following:
    • Student Identity Card
    • Letter from your School, College or University
    • I - 20 or Offer letter from the College/ University
  • Submit the following:
    • Photo Identity & Address Proof
    • Photograph

Apply now to start saving & spending more.

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