Promoting Your Brand to Students Was Never This EASY!

We at ISIC provide Students with 1,50,000+ Offers & Discounts from Brands across the Globe

Introducing the ISIC Benefits Program: The Brands provide the Students with Offers & Discounts and we promote the Brands to Students. It’s that simple!!

ISIC helps Benefit Providers increase their penetration among the Student segment through niche marketing activities

We are here to help your business grow and we know Students better than anyone!!!

How We Connect with Students





Val U Application

Real Estate on website

E-mail Marketing


Why Choose ISIC?


Global Student Expert

ISIC is a 7 decades old student organization with operations across 125+ countries. Since it’s inception in 1953, ISIC has catered to 100+ million students globally and has become a must have accessory for the modern student


Global Student Base

We have active cardholders in 125+ countries which use our card on a daily/weekly basis to save up to 30% of their expenses. In many countries ISIC has close to 100% market penetration which reflects how we have the best read on the pulse of the students


Zero cost marketing round the year

We promote the benefits and offers provided to the students across the year at no recurring cost through marketing channels including Social Media, In-app Notifications, Global & Local Websites across 125+ countries, Emails and Newsletters

Why Partner with ISIC?


Brand Awareness

Get your company’s name out there! ISIC makes it easier for the students to stumble upon you and once they know you, your chances of higher brand recognition in the student segment increases significantly



Through the awareness provided by us, your brand is likely to get a higher conversion rate, considering that the students will be clicking through your site when grabbing the benefits



Awareness plus conversion equals growth. Mediating a student benefit through ISIC, you reach a new segment, creating the opportunity for your business to grow

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