European Centre for Career Education (ECCEDU) is a company focused on practical education providing additional and needed experience and inspiration, that is impossible to gather at the university. Its goal is to engage companies and other leading real-life players in delivering education to students. ECCEDUs priority is to save students time and in only 2 months to provide the experience they would otherwise be collecting for years. It is perfectly complementary to university education and is suitable especially for students shortly before or after graduation. After each program ECCEDU provides its students with internships in cooperation with companies such as Siemens, Coca Cola, Unicredit, Exxon Mobile, Lego, DLA Piper, Allen&Overy or Dentons. Hundreds of firms overall partner with ECCEDU in its vision. Additionally, all of this is done on a European level through internships not only in Prague but in the entire European Union.

20% Off for ECCEDU extremely practical education programs

What do you need for success? Intensive and efficient education combining lectures based on real-life experiences with guaranteed internships at top firms! 20% discount for ECCEDU extremely practical education programs for ISIC holders. The offer is only available on the Standard Package and Global Career Course. Use Promotional Code ISIC20 in order to avail the benefit. 

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