EMotorad is an Indian-grown EV brand with a passion for movement. EM is all about crazy electric cycles that infuse childhood fun into your everyday schedules. It is dedicated to bringing the best of electric cycles to empower your youthfulness. From helmets to pumps and the most cutting-edge electric cycles, EM has curated it all for you. Our electric cycles are not just a mode of transportation; they are a lifestyle choice that blend fitness, sustainability, and style seamlessly at the best prices. At EM we believe in the magic that happens when physical fitness becomes a natural part of students' daily lives. So, our crafted remedy? The sheer joy of cycling, now with unprecedented discounts. Join us for a well-rounded, healthier, and happier lifestyle experience!

Exclusive Emotorad accessories up to worth INR 10,000/-

EM holds exciting offers for all the students who are ready to add fun to their hectic schedules. Click on 'USE ONLINE' and verify your ISIC to avail mega discounts on the best electric cycles.

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